Climate Change, Hurricanes, and Humans

This Vox video is a really helpful primer on the impact of climate change on weather events. On top of that, Houston is located in a wetland area that has largely been paved over in the last few years, decreasing drainage opportunities. Where water might go naturally into the ground, it’s now sitting on top of tar and the city has filled up like a bathtub.

People are suffering in Houston because of climate change. It is stressful and difficult to deal with homes that have been destroyed, on top of physical risks to health like increased diseases, insects, and injuries.

If you’re looking for places to donate, I urge you to think more locally than large, national relief organizations . Here are links to some people and organizations that will really benefit from any donation, small or large.


Published by lizpride

Liz Pride graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a BA in Anthropology and is currently a part-time student in the MPH program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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