Health in a Natural Disaster – How to Help Puerto Rico

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have come and gone, but the destruction of these gigantic weather events remain and will remain through the visible infrastructure damage and the threats to human health. Breaches at water treatment plantsĀ and flooded toxic waste sites in Houston pose hazards to people cleaning up and rebuilding their homes. Water-damaged structuresContinue reading “Health in a Natural Disaster – How to Help Puerto Rico”

Climate Change, Hurricanes, and Humans

This Vox video is a really helpful primer on the impact of climate change on weather events. On top of that, Houston is located in a wetland area that has largely been paved over in the last few years, decreasing drainage opportunities. Where water might go naturally into the ground, it’s now sitting on topContinue reading “Climate Change, Hurricanes, and Humans”